Appliance Cleaning Products

JG Thomas now stock a range of Hillmark Appliance Cleaning products. Hillmark is the appliance cleaning division of Selleys.

Perfect for keeping your appliances in pristine condition, Hillmark cleaning products are formulated for easy cleaning and long lasting protection for your appliance surfaces.

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SteelKleen is a unique stainless steel cleaner & repellent. This means that from the first time you use SteelKleen you spend less time cleaning! Removes fingerprints, smears, waterspots & spatters. – Leaves behind a transparent film that repels new marks. No annoying streaks. – No more fingerprints.   SteelKleen EziWipes are specially designed for convenient, quick and easy removal of light marks & soiling! Each towelette will wipe up to 2 sq. metres of stainless steel, sufficient for 3 or more appliances. Removes fingerprints, smears, waterspots & spatters. – Leaves behind a transparent film that repels new marks. No annoying streaks. – No more fingerprints   SteelPower is a powerful non-scratching heavy-duty cream cleaner formula, which takes the hard work out of cleaning stainless steel.Environmentally friendly & biodegradable formula. – Dissolves & removes stains, spills, baked-on foods and other build up easily. – Fresh lemon fragrance
EziCloth makes cleaning appliances an easy wipe over because appliance cleaning has never been this easy. Pick up & trap grease, grime, dust & dirt in your kitchen & beyond. – Leaves a dry, streak-free surface with no smudges or smears. – Use dry for dusting & light soiling, such as fingerprints. – Use slightly damp for tough dirt & grease   Cerapol is essential for all cooktop owners & is the second step in the Ceramic Glass Care routine. Cerapol thoroughly cleans the surface of ceramic glass cooktops including hard water calcium stains, metal flakes and metallic sheen, preventing permanent damage. Specially formulated for cleaning and polishing ceramic glass cooktops. – Makes light work of spills, stains & marks – even those that can’t be seen. – Guaranteed not to scratch or damage the cooktop. – Environmentally friendly & biodegradable   Ceraseal is essential for all cooktop owners & is the final step in the Ceramic Glass Care routine. Ceraseal seals & protects your ceramic glass cooktop to keep it looking and performing at its optimal level. Silicone based formula. – Creates a protective barrier on the cooktop. – Transparent barrier shields the glass from permanent damage caused by stains, abrasions & pitting. – Repels spills which makes the cooktop easier to clean after cooking
Rangehood FilterKleen is a concentrated cleaner, which banishes rangehood grease & grime – in a flash! Specially formulated to cut through the grease & grime that accumulates in rangehood & canopyhood filters. – Built up grease & grime is not only unhealthy & unsightly, it also dramatically reduces the efficiency of your exhaust & increases noise. – Powerful, concentrated formula will restore your filter to its original look & performance. – Non-caustic, biodegradable & environmentally friendly.   Oven & BBQ Kleen keeps your oven & barbeque clean & grease-free so you can cook up a storm. For those who can’t remember the last time you gave your oven or barbeque a decent scrub, Oven & BBQ Kleen is just the product you need to get your oven & barbeque clean & grease-free. Specialist oven, barbeque, grill & hotplate cleaner dissolves grease, grime & spatters. – Removes baked-on foods & fats that accumulate on the cooking surface & surrounds with minimal time & effort. – Rich, thick foam & specially designed trigger, breaks down grease & grime instantly. – Non-caustic & biodegradable.