Easy Off Controlled Power Sockets

Easy-Off Remote Control Sockets
Ensure your PC, TV, Lamps, and AV equipment are turned off
completely, not left in standby mode.
Each year we have more and more computers, TV’s, Hi Fi equipment,
and other equipment around the home and office.

All this is great, but it pushes our energy costs up and up. The more
of these types of products we have the more we leave equipment in
standby mode.

The electricity used whilst in standby mode can add up to significant
amounts across weeks, months, and years. Often we just leave our
items switched on or in standby mode, this is costing us a lot of money
and needlessly using energy. In addition to this, leaving our equipment
turned on shortens the life of the product, and also increases the fire
risks etc.

The Watts Clever range of Standby Control products helps people and
companies to ensure that they turn all relevant equipment fully off.

Easy-Off Remote Control Sockets are a very simple way of turning off
equipment and appliances. It can used to turn off just a single
appliance, or can be used with a power strip to control multiple devices
from a single remote control socket.
The product works with radio frequency transmission so will work
through walls and unlike IR does require line of site to operate