Stove Guard

Stove Guard Saves Lives!

“Not only does it shut off the stove if mum forgets, the gas sensor also turns off the main gas valve when it senses the presence of gas in the kitchen. This feature alone makes Stove Guard worthwhile.”  Mike & Betty

J.G. Thomas is proud to be the Australian distributor for Stove Guard, an innovative product, which automatically switches off the gas supply to cooking appliances when the kitchen is unattended.

Stove Guard is highly recommend for people in WA living with dementia (including those with the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease), as well as those people who are easily distracted or have other cognitive disorders. It allows the elderly and forgetful to maintain their independence at home, while offering protection from stovetop fires and cooking accidents.

Why Choose Stove Guard?
Stove Guard provides peace of mind for families and carers. It can be easily installed in private homes, lifestyle villages, retirement communities, and independent living centres.

Benefits include:

  • Automatically detects an unattended cooking area
  • Switches off the gas supply to the cooking appliance
  • Raises an audible alarm when switching off
  • Switches power back on when the person returns
  • Provides an alarm output to warn others, even remotely, if required
  • Fully programmable to meet individual needs

Find out why specialists, occupational therapists, nursing staff and home care workers recommend Stove Guard. For further information, email or phone (08) 9272 7122.

Download the Stove Guard Gas Manual